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Invest Mongolia

Copyright HappyMongolia.netI provide all the services to establish or to close your Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Mongolia, whether foreign- or Mongolian-owned.

Setting up an LLC in Mongolia is a complex process: many governmental departments must be visited, many forms must be filed, many official stamps must be procured, and many registrations must be made. The process is daunting for even native Mongolians, and extremely difficult to impossible for foreigners. I efficiently navigate all of the murky beauracratic waters for you, and deliver to you what you want: a legally registered Mongolian LLC, with full rights to conduct business in Mongolia and issue investor and employee visas.

To set up an LLC, you will sign a notarized letter authorizing me to act on your behalf in establishing the company. I will give you a list of the information and documents required.

The whole process takes from one to three weeks depending on the materials.

Service fee: XXXUSD (Plus XXUSD labor tax: Mongolian law assesses a tax of 10% on labor services.)
Incidental costs: XXXUSD (For running costs including notary pubic fees, certificate fees, stamp fees, office materials, etc. Receipts for all costs are provided to you.)
Total: XXXUSD (Plus labor tax.)

The total cost can be deducted as a business expense.

I can also provide service in maintaining the ongoing legal registration of your company.

References:Copyright HappyMongolia.net
  • 100% Belgian-owned Belliomo LLC
  • 100% Swiss-owned Easy Way LLC
  • 100% Austrian-owned Oz Mongolian Trading LLC
  • 100% Australian-owned Pegasus Immigration LLC
  • 100% British-owned Fast Truck LLC
  • 100% Mongolian-owned Happy Camel LLC
  • 100% Mongolian-owned Anak Ranch LLC
  • 100% Belgian-owned Happy Ger LLC
  • 100% Belgian-owned Lambirtus LLC
  • 100% Mongolian-owned Happy Pioneer LLC
  • 50% Australian-, 50% Singaporean-owned Aurem Nimrod LLC
  • 100% American-owned Radigan LLC
  • 100% Belgian-owned Chez Bernard LLC
  • 100% Hong Kong AREC Mortgage Corporation LLC

Please contact me about setting up or liquidating your company in Mongolia!

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