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Copyright HappyMongolia.netI was born in 1979 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Growing up in a second-generation nomad family who moved to UB from the faraway western provinces of Mongolia, I had the different influences of city life and country life, communism and capitalism, traditional lifestyles and modern life experiences in my young age.

After understanding the dichotomies in my life, in order to discover myself and learn about different lifestyles, I travelled and lived in Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe.

For many years, I worked for foreign companies and travel agencies in UB. As Mongolia was just opening to the world, there were many tasks that were completely new and challenging for me. In the end, I gained lots of experiences and became friends with many people.

Copyright HappyMongolia.netNow, after completing my most difficult first two years of study in the Mongolian Cultural Studies program at the Mongolian National University, I am starting my own business activities in utilization of my broad experience. My main activity is tourism, but I also export gers, perform the documentation processes for setting up companies in Mongolia, and handle all kind of processes connected to real estate.

My tours are designed to support nomad families and local cultural places, and to avoid the destruction of the environment.

In tourism, my clients are mainly individual travellers to whom I have been recommended by other travellers. Each tour I arrange is different, tailored to the interests of my clients, and flexible, depending on the weather and the travellers' feelings. I encourage travellers to stay at least a few nights with a local family while in Mongolia, as it is a very unique experience. I organize tours all over Mongolia, as well as day trips to Terelj and other short trips to interesting places around Ulaanbaatar.
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I will be happy to work with you and introduce you to Mongolia.


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mountains near Lake Khovsgol, Mongolia